Valuation Services

evcValuation delivers professional valuation services for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes to ensure the quality and dependability of appraisals for complex facilities across the United States

If you are in the process of considering evcValuation as a professional valuation services provider, please send us an online inquiry or call 262.788.9331 to learn more about what makes us a premier choice for your independent opinion of value.

Businesses, financial institutions, individuals, and government entities need professional valuation services to determine an opinion of value aligned with current industry, market and economic standards. It is paramount that professional valuation services are always independent and unbiased, thus ensuring the opinions of value and report are effective and useful to all parties involved.

Our team of ASA-accredited valuation specialists works with clients to produce opinions of value for industrial facilities, capital assets of any size, commercial properties, and even supporting a variety of business transaction needs. In addition, every request for professional valuation services is researched, analyzed and prepared to ensure adherence to specific guidelines for a variety of industries.

Property Tax Valuation

Determines the appropriate value of a property for property tax purposes