Power Generation & Utilities

The valuation of power plants and transmission and distribution facilities (electric, gas and water) requires both experience and knowledge about engineering and economic factors

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The valuation of power generation facilities and utility assets requires in-depth knowledge of a variety of relevant technologies, the markets in which they currently operate, and anticipated market changes related to underlying economic dynamics. evcValuation has been involved in power plant and utility valuation projects all across the country, working in every segment of the Power Generation and Utility Industries.

Appraising tangible assets for power generation and utility assets includes the valuation of property, plant, and equipment (PP&E)—all requiring complex assessments and calculations. evcValuation has power plant valuation experience in nuclear, coal, natural gas, combined cycle gas turbines, gas-fired combustion turbines, gas-fired steam plants, geothermal, renewable energy, biomass, and cogeneration power plants.  We also have experience in utility valuations including electric transmissions and distribution, natural gas and water systems.

evcValuation’s power plant valuation services include in-depth knowledge of these factors: