Oil & Gas

The economic impact of Oil & Gas facilities on industries and other infrastructure institutions requires relevant experience to properly appraise their value

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The Oil & Gas industry has intricate connections to our social, political and economic environment. Oil & Gas assets such as refineries and natural gas distribution systems are large, complex, income-producing properties that face the volatility of commodity-based markets as well as continuous environmental pressures. They have direct and indirect impact on the nation’s macro-economic performance and growth.

Our company’s team of ASA-accredited appraisal professionals is armed with the experience and knowledge needed to value the assets in the Oil & Gas industry. Furthermore, our appraisal team understands a complete range of valuation methods to ensure accuracy and relevance to the valuation needs of the industry.

evcValuation’s power plant valuation services include in-depth knowledge of these factors:

  • Regional Refined Product Markets
  • Global Crude Oil Markets
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