Hospitality & Gaming

Entertaining the nation is largely done by hotels, resorts and gaming businesses focused on generating value in hospitality complexes and free-standing destination venues

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The world of hospitality valuation services reacts to a variety of dynamics and influential forces. From seasonality and demand to the many different types of assets in such locations, , our hospitality valuation services support the sale, purchase or refinancing needs of companies in this thriving industry.

evcValuation understands the complex and dynamic nature of the hospitality and gaming industries, allowing us to provide professional hospitality valuation services based on our unique access to resources and internal ASA-accredited valuation specialists. Gaming properties such as casinos, sports, and entertainment venues, have unique hospitality valuation factors.

evcValuation takes into account many factors affecting the value of hospitality and gaming venues, including:

  • The economic condition and outlook for the hospitality/gaming industry in the market
  • Location, size and utility of the land
  • Extent, character, and utility of the hospitality/gaming property
  • Highest and best use of the land and of the property as improved
  • Cost of replacement new of the improvements and that cost less depreciation arising from all causes
  • A comparison of the subject hospitality/gaming property with other hospitality/gaming properties that have recently sold
  • The relative success and operating characteristics of the various hospitality/gaming facilities in the competitive market