Commercial Real Estate

The recent surge in commercial Real Estate purchases, sales and leasing is showing a new level of activity as companies and individuals seek to profit from a healthy realty market

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Commercial Real Estate valuation is one of the most common appraisal services in the market. However, to determine the most dependable and supportable value, an appraising entity must have the experience necessary to evaluate all factors involved. Furthermore, there are a number of valuation methods that can be used— only an experienced valuation professional has the understanding to ensure a fit and relevancy to the subject property.

evcValuation supports the needs of property owners, corporations, property tax manager, property tax attorneys, insurance companies, risk managers, government agencies, and other investing-minded parties seeking to purchase, sell or lease commercial properties across the United States. Our commercial Real Estate valuation services are designed to produce a relevant and timely appraisal of complex real estate assets.  . In addition, our appraisers follow the strict guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

evcValuation’s commercial Real Estate valuation services include consideration of these factors:

  • Prevailing real estate market conditions and the relative desirability of the property in the relevant market
  • Location, size and utility of the land
  • Size, condition, and utility of the existing improvements compared with those of other facilities
  • Highest and best use of the land and of the property as improved
  • Sales, asking prices, and rentals of vacant sites and improved properties in the relevant market
  • Cost of replacement new, less an amount for depreciation or loss in value arising from physical wear and tear, age and lack of utility
  • Expected income stream from rental of the property and market rates of return